Jan 7, 2020

Dj Charlie Washed "MOMENTUM" (((((PRESS RELEASE)))))

It's All About The "Momentum" Dj Charlie Washed

January 16, 2020

Momentum is the first studio album by American DJ Charlie Washed. It was released January 12, 2020, independently and distributed by Distrokid. The album follows a Christian hip hop theme.
Momentum features guest appearances by R Swift, Xay Hill and Mission.
You bring all joy/ you fill all voids/ make a song out of noise. DJ Charlie says on the You're Love song. If you like way too much bass, DJ scratching and songs about Jesus, this is for you. Stream on Google Play here

From The Club To The Kingdom Album

  Listen to "From The Club To The Kingdom" by DJ Charlie Washed ( From The Club To The Kingdom by Dj Charlie Washed